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Commitment to Continual Improvements


Designing a Beautiful Future

Royal Canadian Design was founded by Deanna Bailey. She has fine art, photography, e-Commerce, grand fashion production, event production/management and also PR experience.

She is a proficient graphic artist, with a commitment to learning and practicing the newest and best technologies for website design. Royal Canadian Design. She is committed to excellence, growth and developing sustainable and strong designs. Deanna is a meticulous designer, with the client having the 'final say'. Royal Canadian Design makes sure that each client completely loves their designs.

Operational Excellence

Branding and merchandise development is a specialty for Royal Canadian Design. If you are looking for consistency across your designs, you have come to the right place. 

Specializing in broad packages to start and design your business, Royal Canadian Design also has comprehensive steps to include the client and coach them throughout the entire process.

Royal Canadian Design also has experience in clothing line development, organic SEO and has strong roots in E-Commerce.


Meet the Founder

What makes this team special is that the owner and operator is a "Jill of all trades". She is very versatile and can complete every component of a website independently.



Deanna started Royal Canadian Design in 2017 as sole proprietor and has been in Business 6+ years. Being in art lessons and graphic design lessons since 3 years old, she is proud to also be a fine artist, photographer and web designer.

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